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Quick Reel

A collection of tv spots from my time in Nebraska. A little lottery, a little financial industry and a little rehab. Not necessarily in that order.

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St. James Healthcare & Montana Orthopedics

Suffice it to say, Butte can be a tough place. The phrase, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” comes to mind. The common thread of “Butte Toughness” has become a rally message, or banner for […]

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Growing Awareness

Breast Cancer awareness starts with a one on one approach. North Valley Hospital set goals to reach as many women as possible with information and education about the disease. This campaign became one the the hospital’s […]

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Jenny Smokes

Second-hand smoke is a killer, especially when you don’t have a choice whether or not you get to inhale it. This board really grabbed some attention.

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MDT “Learn”

Too many deaths in Montana due to lack of seat belt use.

Countdown to Clean Air
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Take a whiff. Ah, clean air. Montanans can breathe easy knowing the the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act is finally in place ...
Preserve Our Nation
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Montana has one of the highest concentrations of American Indians in the country. It also has a high rate of cardiovascu ...
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From time to time, we all feel like we’ve been hosed by a cell phone company. One of the funnest shoots I’ve ...
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[Click Image to Listen] Radio is the most visual, audio medium there is. If I’ve lost you already, let me explain: ...