Preserve Our Nation
April 25, 2011, No Comments

Montana has one of the highest concentrations of American Indians in the country. It also has a high rate of cardiovascu ...

Butte’s Most Famous Patient
April 25, 2011, No Comments

Evel Knievel, born in Butte, Montana is famous for his daredevil motorcycle jumps. He’s also pretty well known for ...

This Little Piggy
April 23, 2011, No Comments

A medicine wheel. A steering wheel. A toe tag. Making a difficult point is sometimes quite sobering.

Use Your Head
April 23, 2011, No Comments

The percentage of Montanans regularly wearing their seat belts is only 73%, which is much lower than most states. ItR ...

Jenny Smokes
April 23, 2011, No Comments

Second-hand smoke is a killer, especially when you don’t have a choice whether or not you get to inhale it. This b ...

MDT “Learn”
April 4, 2011, No Comments

Too many deaths in Montana due to lack of seat belt use.